Hockey Players And Charity Causes

Written by: Jedi Portland – Sports Writer

Many athletes through their careers are encouraged to participate in charity events to give back to the world. Many have started foundations in their name to devote awareness, money and time to causes they believe in. Many of them do charity events from education to social awareness it’s whatever cause that’s close to their heart many of them do charity causes that are of a personal nature because of someone they know or a loved one that may have been stricken with a disease or illness to bring awareness for cures. Many of them will go out into the community to volunteer their time by hosting events or holding events in their name for specific causes. This is one of the many things the NHL stands behind is the players giving back to the community and being role models to the kids who look up to them. There are some players who don’t need to be in the league if they can’t exhibit behavior of a real role model to kids who look up to them.

The bad thing is that the athletes who engage in lifestyles that result in negative publicity this is what hurts not only them, but the reputation they stand behind if they have charity foundations in their name. There’s too many athletes to name individually who have foundations in their hands, but you usually know they’re out there on that players’ respective website. It’s always important to keep in mind that charity events also provide a chance for players to connect with their fans because without the fans they’ll be nothing since fans make the star and the star’s way to thank the people behind him since the worst thing to do is ruin that reputation with scandalous behavior and lifestyle choices. Athletes that are really about making a difference will not engage in things that will bring negative publicity to them.

Some athletes as a part of their charity work is to volunteer their time to sports clinics where children and young adults can take part in. This gives kids the chance to meet some of their favorite players and to have a chance to hang out with them for a few hours and learn a few tricks of the sport. It’s proven that kids who have positive role models fair better than those who don’t have exposure or someone they can call a role model. It’s important for many of these athletes to understand the roles they step into when they become famous and popular because part of being a celebrity is to take what is considered a respectable thing and use it for the greater good of other people.

The idea of charity work was something that’s always been a long standing tradition with many of the professional sports leagues because there’s a huge responsibility behind making a lot of money, but you also have to understand that there are people in the world less fortunate and many of these athletes especially ones who are new to the world of pro sports they have no clue to what it means to be charitable until it’s explained to them over time. Most of the time groupies will pull no stops especially for athletes who do charitable things on behalf of the team and their private foundations. You can find the charity websites of athletes on their official websites.

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